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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Pics!!!

Thank you! I'm borrowing pics from my friends now. Some other last minute stuff: I bought a sick scripture cover, it's handmade leather with the Aztec tree of life burned into it, it looks amazing. Also, we found a bathroom so deep in the computer labs that the lights have not been changed and we call it the mines of Moria. We locked Woffinden and dougherty in there accidentally for almost an hour before we figured it out. oh, and I got a haircut about an hour ago, i'll send a pic.It´s not too bad, about what I have at home.  And WE HAVE A NEW DISTRICT! it´s super exciting. The four elders are hilarious, because we have two elders, 6'6" and 6'3" respectively, paired with two elders about 5 foot nothing. And the Hermanas are very nice, and I think everyone's going to get along well. And we had a great privilege bestowed on our district, but I can't mention it here, so you'll have to ask me later.  

Here's the temple! it's gorgeous. Fun fact: The angel Moroni on it is holding the gold plates, the only one in the world like it. 

These guys have the most fun companionship i have ever seen. Elders Woofinden and Dougherty

This guy is also my zone leader. he's the one I told you about with operatic training. Elder Thomas


  1. Andrew, that is a gorgeous picture! ...Oh and the temple is nice too. ;)


  2. Thanks Suzanne! He doesn't see this blog - but I thought it would be a fun way to share what he is doing and seeing. Feel free to e-mail him!


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