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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Guest Post by Elder Reay's sister Marissa, who is very talented.

Late email, sorry. I’ll credit Emma for the idea, and the family for help with the lyrics, but I did a lot of them myself… 😊 Therefore, to a very familiar tune, I give you:  
Do you want to be a Mormon?

Do you want a Book of Mormon?
Will you let us come inside?
I think it’s time that you investigate;
You do not have to wait;
Your feelings, please don’t hide!
Just ask the missionaries-
We can help you out
If you just let us through the door!
Do you want a Book of Mormon?
Will you read the Book of Mormon…?
        “Come in, Elders.”
Let’s talk more!

Verse 2: the investigation
 Did you read the Book of Mormon?
Do you want to go to church?
I think your testimony’s growing well.
Your faith will start to swell
When your scriptures you will search
Then there’s the Word of Wisdom
The First Vision, too
God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost…
       (angelic choir singing instead of tick-tocking)

Verse 3: slow and serious-sounding
Do you want to be a Mormon?
Do you want to be baptized?
The font is waiting, full of water blue-
It’s right in there for you
Oh, please be wise!
Just pray to Heavn’ly Father
Feel the Holy Ghost
You’ll know what you ought to do…
Do you want  to be a Mormon?

          Yes, I do…

© Marissa Reay 2014

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